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At the end of training, the dog will sit when people approach &

stay seated for up to 5 seconds while being petted.  

This plan is for social dogs who are excited and jump on on people who approach to say hello.  This plan isn't appropriate for dogs who are fearful of people.

Complete the Basic Sit-Stay Plan before starting this plan.


It can be helpful to have the dog tethered.


For steps 2-4 ask for a sit, then proceed with the distraction. 

For steps 5 on, cue the sit AFTER the dog sees the person approaching.

For each step, give the cue once (food lure, hand signal, verbal cue etc). If the dog gets it right (holds the sit during the distraction given in the plan), feed him the treat. If the dog jumps up, have the greeter walk away immediately. If that is not possible, encourage him to move away from the helper (use the leash if necessary to move him), cue a sit, and try again.  

  •  If the dog gets it right 4 or 5 times out of 5, move to next step. 

  •  If the dog gets it right 3 times out of 5, repeat the current step.

  •  If the dog gets it right 1 or 2 or times out of 5, drop to the previous step. 

  • “Getting it right” means the dog holds the sit throughout the duration of the distraction.

  • Always reward the dog in a sit position. If he gets up when you’re reaching for treats after a distraction, get him back into a sit before giving him the treat.

If you are new to this behavior, review this video now. 


For the following steps, cue a sit AFTER the dog sees a person approaching.
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