Gear Checklist

The following is a sample list of items to gather before starting a playgroup.



  • Extra collars or harnesses 

  • Extra leashes: clip on and/or slip leads

  • Long lines (12 to 15' leashes or tracking lines)

  • Muzzles (for use if pre-trained)

  • Squeaker toy, if using for intervention

  • Toys 

  • Treats & treat bags

  • Visual barrier at gate to prevent barrier frustration

  • Water bowls and/or kiddie pool

  • Walkie Talkies or other communication device like whistles

  • Break stick

  • Citronella spray

  • Hose or water buckets

  • Lightweight plastic board to divide dogs/block line of sight

  • Kevlar gloves or heavy welding gloves

  • First aid kit

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